Disneyland "Where In The Park" Photo Game

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Make it pink! Make it blue!
underwear_slave wrote in dl_witp
Its been awhile since anyone posted here...so I thought I would. :)

What ride is this?

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I have never rode this ride (I don't think)... is it the Matterhorn?

(I know, I'm terrible for having never ridden Matterhorn)

Nope, not Matterhorn. Its another Mountain though.

Splash Mountain? It didn't look like the right color-scheme for some reason...

Nope not Splash Mountain either. A little wilder than that. ;)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! One of my favorites.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

This looks like Thunder Mountain to me. Love this ride

Sorry I haven't been posting. I only had a few pictures from past visits that were useful. I was going finally go next month and take more pics, but that had to be canceled because of work. Thank you for the post

Edited at 2012-05-25 07:55 am (UTC)

Yep, Thunder Mountain!

That sucks your visit got cancelled :( Hopefully you can reschedule soon.

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