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Disneyland Alphabet - A (second one)
captain_slinky wrote in dl_witp
Disneyland A-001

Now THIS one, I know! Answer will be in the comments... and trust me, you've seen this "A" a gajillion times :)

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I've gone from trying by memory to looking at a map (I feel so dirty resorting to such tactics). I don't feel bad since it uses simple font so i just get names of places and rides but not the answer.

I was looking for something in the title that had " A' " and later said "of". After spending my entire lunch hour looking it hit me that what I thought was an apostrophe was the end of a fancy "T" which goes with your statement that I've seen this a gajillion times since the only "of" that sticks out in my mind is "Pirates of the Caribbean"

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